Staff Induction – Thursday 24th August

We have been very excited to welcome our new staff. Our teaching staff are all in place and have begun their comprehensive induction programme, which includes EAL training, First Aid, Child Protection and ICT training, as well as curriculum planning and developing new materials for our pupils. The team have worked well together and are very eager for the start of term.

Gary Wright
Founding Head Master

The Mount Kelly School Hong Kong Team Arrives

It is a very exciting time for us all at Mount Kelly School Hong Kong, as our excellent teaching team arrives, ready for our induction programme ahead before the term starts in September.  Over 90% of our staff have been recruited directly from the UK. recruiting the very best staff for every available position.

In setting up the school, the focus has been very much on getting outstanding teachers with the right personal qualities, UK recognised qualifications and experience. The extensive induction programme for our new staff shows the commitment that Mount Kelly is taking at every step to ensure the new school meets the exceptional standards of a British International School.

Gary Wright
Head Master

Thursday 3rd August

Sport and Extra-Curricular Activities

Sport and Extra-Curricular activities are an important part of the school curriculum at Mount Kelly School Hong Kong. Pupils will have lessons in Games, PE and swimming, as well as extra-curricular activities.   We aim to provide a sporting environment where every pupil has the opportunity to achieve their potential. For our Mount Kelly School Hong Kong pupils, we will offer:

For Prep:

  • Each class will have P.E. lesson, a swimming lesson and one Games session every week
  • Pupils will be part of the Shackleton Programme
  • There will be busy after school clubs and opportunities to represent the school
  • School House sporting events, such as a Swimming Gala and Sports Day and much more..

For Preschool

  • Play developing gross motor skills every day
  • PE and Games
  • During the summer months, all Preschool pupils will have a weekly swimming lesson and much more..

Gary Wright
Head Master

12th July

We will shortly warmly welcome Mr. Nick Rothwell as he arrives in Hong Kong next week with his family. He will begin his duties as the Head of the Preparatory School. Miss Abigail Carr, our Head of International Preschool, has been leading the establishment of the Preschool since May 2017.

We work very closely with Mount Kelly UK and we recently held a successful event with our sister school, which showed the strong relationship, as we work together as one school on opposite sides of the planet. We have recently become members of two prestigious school organisations, both from the UK. We are delighted that Mount Kelly School Hong Kong (MKSHK) has become a member of both COBIS (The Council of British International Schools) and ISA (Independent Schools Association).

MKSHK is only the second school in Hong Kong to receive the membership of COBIS (the Council of British International Schools). With robust membership criteria, ongoing monitoring, and statutory requirements to undertake safeguarding training, parents can be reassured that COBIS member schools operate within specific guidelines of ethical practice and good governance which reflect the high standards and ethos expected of a first class British style educational system. MKSHK is also the only school in Hong Kong to have the ISA (Independent Schools Association) overseas affiliate schools’ accreditation. Our close association with our sister school and membership of these organisations demonstrate our commitment to the highest British educational standards.

Gary Wright
Head Master

Mount Kelly School – United Kingdom & Hong Kong Joint Event

Mount Kelly School – United Kingdom & Hong Kong Joint Event

We invite you and your family to this exciting event with our sister school Mount Kelly UK. Meet their Director of Admissions and Marketing, Mrs Vanessa Bowles, and learn more about our seamless transition from Mount Kelly School Hong Kong into the leading UK independent school, Mount Kelly.

I will be apprising parents on the opportunities and advantages of a private independent education – all of which will be obtainable for every pupil at the Mount Kelly Schools, both in Hong Kong and in the United Kingdom. Throughout the day, our Admissions Team will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

The morning will commence with Ms Abby Carr, Head of the Mount Kelly International Preschool, presenting an interactive seminar on “Early Childhood Education: The Role of the Adult”. You are welcome to bring your children as they will be happily occupied with interactive Child Development activities conducted by our dedicated Playgroup Leaders in a room adjacent to the seminar.

You are welcome to stay for the joint presentation: “Mount Kelly Schools UK & HK – a Tradition of Excellence”. Learn more about the Mount Kelly Advantages, the academic excellence, outstanding opportunities outside of the classroom and the exceptional pastoral care of both Schools. Better understand your boarding options and the transition for pupils to the UK.

Gary Wright
Head Master


Thursday 25th May

On behalf of everyone in the Mount Kelly School Hong Kong community we send our deepest sympathy and sorrow to all those affected by the dreadful bomb attack on children and young people in Manchester this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, all the way from Hong Kong.

British values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech have never and will never be defeated by terror or war. As we set up a new British School here in Hong Kong, British values are fundamental in building our new school to create a world class educational experience. These British values and spirit can be found in all the furthest corners of the globe and will never be broken.

Gary Wright
Head Master

Monday 22nd May

Mount Kelly School Hong Kong (MKSHK) offers a seamless transition in education from our Playgroup classes at Austin Tower, which have been running since March 2017, to our City Campus Preparatory School which opens in September 2017. The MKSHK Preparatory School will be conveniently located in a wonderful and spacious location by the Victoria Harbour waterfront. Our International Preschool (Nursery and Reception classes) is located in a superb and convenient location in Tsim Sha Tsui and means that the seamless transition in education for pupils now begins at 6 months of age.


MKSHK will be Hong Kong’s first British Preparatory School, wholly modelled on the British Independent School Pre-preparatory and Preparatory structure, using the English National Curriculum throughout the school as a framework, which is recognised and respected around the world. The English National Curriculum at Mount Kelly School Hong Kong offers an all-round education, alongside excellent pastoral care and a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The English National Curriculum has been designed to promote independent critical thinking and embrace creativity. British education has achieved a global reputation for high quality, and it is recognised and respected around the world. One of the huge benefits is how transferable it is – pupils can move seamlessly from country to country or back to the UK. This internationally respected curriculum is now taught in 150 countries across the world. It is the world’s most widely taught English-medium curriculum.


“According to the International School Consultancy (ISC Research), there are more than four and a half million pupils studying at more than 8,000 English medium international schools around the world. Of those schools, more than 3,700 are British schools – schools with a British national orientation, and/or using elements of the UK national curriculum. British education has a strong reputation worldwide, with parents choosing British schools for the broad, balanced curriculum and teaching that equips pupils with the skills and qualifications to enter, or re-enter, the UK education system at school, college, or university level. Quality British Schools Overseas provide opportunities for a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, strong welfare support, and promote an understanding of modern British society.” (from COBIS – Council of British International Schools)

Gary Wright
Head Master

Friday 5th May

Our staff recruitment is now complete for September. I am delighted with the excellent team that we have onboard, both with our academic staff and the admin, support and Admissions staff. The vast majority (90%) of our teachers are British and all have British recognised qualifications and training.

This week saw our new Head of the Preschool, Abigail Carr, officially join us as we prepare for the opening of our City Campus Preschool and Prep School in September. Ms Abigail Carr has over 15 years of experience in Early Years education. Ms Carr began her career in England before coming to Hong Kong in 2005 in roles at both St. Catherine’s Kindergarten and the YMCA International Kindergarten.

We have attracted an excellent founding team of teachers to deliver the English national curriculum in small classes. Our wide ranging curriculum and pastoral approach are designed to prepare our pupils to be excellent future citizens, by developing their character and to focus on their well-being. Our goal is to nurture confident, well rounded and forward thinking individuals with a strong sense of pride in their achievements, as well as the desire to fulfil their ambitions in our new school.

Gary Wright
Head Master

Tuesday 11th April

Mount Kelly School Hong Kong is delighted to have joined COBIS – the Council of British International Schools.

COBIS is a Membership Association of British Schools of quality. COBIS represents and quality assures over 265 British international schools in more than 75 countries worldwide.

The COBIS membership application process is robust and thorough and schools are requested to provide comprehensive information about varied aspects of the school, staff, pupils and pastoral care. Mount Kelly School Hong Kong has now met the COBIS criteria for planning a new school (including curriculum, staff, policies, development planning), with the status Candidate School.

For families making a school selection, COBIS membership is a kitemark not only of schools offering British education, but also delivering quality teaching, learning and pupil welfare.

We look forward to being an active member in the COBIS family of schools.

Gary Wright
Head Master

24th Mar 2017

City Campus Preparatory School

Our Admissions team have been very busy with new applications and we have been very pleased with the level of interest in our new school, with our Playgroup classes filling up very rapidly. We have also now recruited our team of British trained teachers as we prepare to open this school in September.

I am now able to reveal our new site for our Preparatory School in Kowloon, as part of our city campus which opens in September 2017.

Our new Preparatory School will be located in a wonderful site in Hung Hom Bay, on the Waterfront in a standalone building. This is part of the new “One Harbourgate” complex. We have secured the whole block of East Villa in the Cheung Kei Centre, located at 18 Hung Luen Road in Kowloon from January 2017.

This fantastic new building is already completed, subject to complying with related government procedures, and requires our internal conversion to the high standards that we require in offering our world class British education for your children.

Gary Wright
Head Master